Thailand Tsunami


tsunamiThe Thailand Tsunami was vary tragic. This happened in the Indian ocean on boxing day 2004. Over 300 000 people died and 141 000 houses were destroyed.

Things like earthquakes can cause tsunamis. When this happens underwater it moves the water above and makes waves. These waves spread out and push into shore. They travel very fast and they keep going into shore, back out and into shore again.






Amazingly big


Incredibly scary

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Australian Tim-Tams

Yet another biscuit!

Arnott’s (which produces Tim Tams) say that around 35 million packs are sold each year.That’s 400 million biscuits at an average of 1.7 packs per Australian.

This amazing biscuit is made up of two layers of chocolate-malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate filling and coated in melted chocolate.

Our Tim-Tams are found in supermarkets all over the world!images (1)tim

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Australian Pavlova

Vanessa's_PavlovaPavlova is a meringue-based dessert named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. It is a meringue cake with a crisp crust and soft, light inside, usually topped with fruit and, optionally, whipped cream.

This amazing dessert was originated in New Zealand! Australia and New Zealand have shared rivalries for years, and the pavlova’s origin is another to add to the list. Both countries claim to have invented the dish in honor of Anna when she visited Australasia in the 1920s.

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